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taste of pain


Touch her and die

possessive MMC


edge play


"marriage" by circumstance

human x vampire

The Court of Chains is open
Do you dare enter its halls?


Lily is on the run. Grief-stricken by loss and with monsters snapping at her heels, she has no one left and nowhere to go. To gain protection, Lily subjects herself to the mercy of the elusive and secretive Court of Chains, volunteering herself as the property of a supernatural creature from within the Court... but she wasn't prepared for the King of Chains to Claim her for himself.

Aleksander has ruled the Court of Chains since its inception over a decade ago. He is the King of Chains, a ruthless, unwavering vampiric ruler who places his Court above everything else. Even his own happiness. But then a strange, human girl—uneducated to the ways of Chains—enters his domain. With her arrival, Aleksander's resolve is tested as his cold body starts warming to the touch of another.

Taste of Pain is a paranormal romance featuring a pairing between a human woman and a vampire King. It contains explicit content, including graphic violence and sexual scenes.


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