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Want to Get to know me?


This is the place for it! I'm Rawnie and I've spent all my life writing stories. Here are some fun facts about me!

  1. I started writing in fanfiction and my love for romance was nurtured by deep-diving on Ao3. 

  2. I can solve a Rubik's cube, I can do tricks with a yo-yo, and I love playing tabletop roleplaying games (yes, I'm really cool).

  3. Every two years, I cut off all my hair and donate it.  

  4. I have a cat named Chey, who can do tricks! Her talents include spinning in place and giving fist bumps.  

  5. I don't drink coffee or tea (this is a massive character flaw, I realize this).
  6. I'm Danish. Born and raised in chilly Scandinavia, which means my apartment is cold as an icebox.
  7. I got my first job at thirteen, stacking books at my local library. 

  8. I'm a musical chameleon. I'm always listening to music and I make playlists for every occasion.

I want to know more about you too! You can get in touch with me on either Instagram or TikTok. I love getting messages from readers so don't hesitate to spam my inbox with questions, comments, or just general fluff! 

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