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gifts of gold

Gifts of Gold


forced proximity

enemies with benefits

competitive switches

grumpy x sunshine

human x fae

she's an angry bitch
he's a teasing bastard


Blake Kane is angry at everything. And at everyone, including herself. Most of the time, her anger is of the poorly managed, unplaced variety, but when a job for the Court of Chains goes wrong, and she's issued a personal guard, she suddenly has a target for all her aggression and anger. Unfortunately, the prick seems to like that.

Flea is a man with many names. Some are even his. Some he likes to trick out of people, treasuring them as unintentionally granted gifts. Rarely does he concern himself with the humans they belonged to, nor does he keep the gift of their names for very long. After all, playing with the same thing over and over again quickly gets boring. But the owner of the name 'Blake Kane' is a different sort. The surprising, aggressive, interesting sort.

When he gets stuck looking after her after a job goes wrong, it doesn't take much provocation to tease her into a game of the physically sinful variety. After all, what's wrong with a little friendly competition?

Gifts of Gold is a paranormal romance featuring a pairing between a human woman and a trickster fae. It contains explicit content, including graphic violence and sexual scenes.


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