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A little Sin

A little sin


lesbian awakening​

'secluded Cabin in the woods' setting


secret relationship

human x pride fiend

It can take time to feel proud of who you are


Violet Kane is perfect.


At least, that’s what people are supposed to think. Perfectly in control, perfectly successful, perfectly happy. But pretending to be happy is difficult when you're breaking apart at the seams. Be it with eighty-hour work weeks, nicotine dependency, or dark thoughts of just ending it all… Violet has used nearly every tool available to maintain the perfect performance.


If only Violet could trust someone to take that desperate control away. To let her turn off.

Something is hunting Reyna Alvarez, and though she knows what it is, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. When she contacts the Court of Chains for help, she is confined to a secluded forest cabin for her protection. But hiding and submitting isn't in the nature of a Pride fiend.


So when a beautiful, stressed-out, high-strung woman appears at her cozy prison, Reyna proposes a practical arrangement. Who knows? If Violet Kane were around—on her knees, no less—isolation might even be fun.

A Little Sin is a paranormal romance featuring a pairing between a human woman and a pride fiend. It contains explicit content, including graphic violence and sexual scenes.


Content warning

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