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Rawnie Sabor is a queer author of steamy romances filled with troubled people and gorgeous monsters. 

She spends most of her days either reading swoony sapphic romances or writing out novels on her phone (yes, she writes on her phone. It's a problem.)

Though she's written books featuring straight and queer couples, Rawnie found her true love of creating sapphic romances after writing Kiss of Seduction, so (almost) all future releases will be sapphic stories.

When she isn't writing... Well, she's always writing, but when her fingers hurt too much to type, she either watches trash television, plays tabletop roleplaying games, or gets yelled at by her "loving" cat, Chey.

About Rawnie

Looking for a Book? 

Find your next kinky, sapphic, or steamy romance here, or find more information about me below!

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