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Kiss of Seduction

Kiss of Seduction


savior to lover​

healing from
sa trauma


touch her and die

human x succubus

A succubus's kiss is deadly...
to everyone but her


Evie is a slave. Held captive by the vampiric Court of Night, she has experienced nothing but pain and terror for over a year. Treasured for her rare and delectable blood, Evie knows she will never see the outside of the dark estate that is her prison. She is fated to be forever ravaged and ruined by cruel monsters. Her freedom is a concept lost.

Natalya is the second-in-command of the Chicago-based Court of Chains. She is among the rarest monsters—a greater Lust fiend, a succubus. A being of pure Sin, whose touch is agony and whose kiss is a death sentence. Following a less-than-diplomatic visit to the Court of Night, Natalya finds herself responsible for a young slave who was so hurt during her captivity that she is believed to be broken. But there's something different about this strange woman. She suffers no pain under Natalya's touch, and she can survive the infernal kiss of a succubus.

But Sin does not invite peace. The vampire King of the Court of Night is a patient man who doesn't like when people take what he believes to be his property. Or which could be his property. And only few things are rarer or more precious than the bound powers of a greater fiend.

Kiss of Seduction is a paranormal romance featuring a pairing between a human woman and a succbus. It contains explicit content, including graphic violence and sexual scenes.


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